PV Irrigation

PVRES is one of the thirty SMEs that have been chosen by the reference PV irrigation project in the EU: MASLOWATEN, developed within the European Commission H2020 programme. This project aims to launch to the market a PV pumping system concept for productive agriculture irrigation consuming zero conventional electricity and 30% less water. PVRES applies both the technology and technical specifications developed by MASLOWATEN to guarantee the quality of the PV irrigation systems. In this regard, we offer our expertise in the following services to develop turnkey projects:

Financing. PVRES has access to loans and specific credits for this kind of projects with long payback periods. It means that since the beginning, the “electric bill” for pumping will be lower than the previous conventional system.

Preliminary studies to adapt the PV system to the existing water pumping systems in the farm.

Productivity studies in accordance with the water consumption of the farm.

Design and engineering of the best technical solutions on the base of the maximal energy and water cost reduction

Permits and licenses management

Land development to install the PV generator

Supply and installation of the equipments, adapting the previous installation (pumps, irrigation controllers and so on) to the new equipment.

Commissioning and warranties