Rural Electrification

More than 1,200 million people live deprived of electricity around the world. 85% of this population are in remote rural areas where electric grids do not arrive due to various reasons, such as high economic investments, low profitability or difficulty of operation, among others.

The photovoltaic solar energy has aimed to be a technical and cost-effective solution for over 40 years in many countries of the world, and nowadays is the only hope for many people from remote regions to get electricity access.

PVRES focuses much of its activity to this application, as the PVRES team cumulates a large experience in photovoltaic rural electrification projects carried out in many countries of Africa, Middle East, Sud-America and Europe.

This expertise covers from the formulation of projects till bidding, engineering, supply of goods, execution, quality control, management and operation and maintenance of all kind of rural electrification projects: solar home system programmes, hybrid power plants, water treatment, pumping systems, street lighting and so on.

PVRES believes that decentralized PV electrification is a cost-effective solution to give electricity access to millions of people, in addition to being a mature and reliable technology.