PV Facilities

The PVRES team has been involved continuously in the large PV power plants sector in their different development stages, from the market research to the quality controls. PVRES has expertise in productivity studies, engineering, in-the-field management, commissioning and quality controls. The services offered by PVRES are the following:

Market research and strategic plans tailored for the customer

Market and state of the art research of the different technologies

Feasibilities studies

Project Management

Quality Control

Quality Audits:

    • State of health of the irradiance and temperature sensors
    • Characterization of the PV generator and analysis of the performance of the inverters
    • Analysis of the PV arrays and additional measurement of individual PV modules
    • Production capacity test of the whole installation, evaluation of the losses chain and productivity estimation in the long run
    • Visual inspection of the installation
    • IR inspection of the installation